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Evolution, my friends!

Free art from its canvas!

Free it from locked-up ateliers!
Bring it to the people, to brighten up their days, to bring them colour!
Bring it outdoors!
Bring it, where the wind is, where the freshness begins, where raindrops still happily fall!
Bring it, where fear, alertness & consciousness are!

Bring it to the streets!

Place it on a train and let it roll!

Piloe Train
PILOE, mid-1990s

Okay, okay!

What we didn't really care about back then, was the issue of a thing so called civilized people call so called property. Therefore they sent some men in black after us.


Suspicious noise and:


So much adrenaline shooting threw your body!


Run, my friend, run!

Then rest somewhere in the dark, until breath and body reestablish kind of an ordinary level,wait until 4 a.m., so that the S-Bahn starts its service again, wait for your train, take your picture and go to bed.

The cool thing about me is, that i am a perfectionist.

I love to finish things. And it happend far too often back then, that i could not finish my pieces. That drove me crazy! Someonefor some reasondid not like art on trainssomeone wanted every train to look exactly the same … boringway.

What a bliss all these colours could bring to other's day-to-day-lifes, some people did not seem to see. When it came to Graffiti and its artists, my father used to say:





» (Denen)™ sollte (man)™ (die Hände abhacken)™. «

(Fater)™ über (Grafitti-Sprüher)™, allso – wol (wissen-t-l-ich)™ – (t.b.c.)™ – auch über sainen (Sohn)™ – am ((Abendbrot)™-(s)™-(Tisch™) – im (Baisain)™ eben dessen………





Na wunderbar!





** (Krieg)™ will (Frieden)™ (di Hännde apphacken)™n **





na thothahl klahr:: Der (Frieden)™ hat das ja auch nicht mehr nötich.


, wail ich ihn aufwecken will?¿??



Das ehr da gerade über sainen Son spricht, der gerade mitt amm Tisch sittzt, kommt inn der Außenrefleckszohneferrklemmthait/ferrkleuungsannstallt natuhrlickt nickt ann.

Wia auch.

Ist ja up-geschnitten.




I still have serious difficulties with feeling empathy for my father. Still after all these years i want to smash his face, beat him down until he lies on the floor, whining, crumbling, screaming, bleeding, that negative fucker!

Sorrythat just so much wanted to come out!

After a while i lost the fun in all these unfinished pieces on rolls and studied Design.

I wanted to be part of society. Deep in our hearts we all just want to be ordinary people, living our peaceful lifes and take part.

We want to participate.

Every single one of us!

No one really wants to be that lonely outsider, barely able to feed his tummy.

But what to do, if system/society/civilisation turns our human nature inside out and imprisons us into a place, where the concrete walls are well wrapped and hidden almost invisibly inside of our heads?

No wonder, that youth wants revolution!

In that thing we call puberty, the youngsters feel, that their godly parts have to die and of course they do not want that!

Nobody wants that!

No body wants that!

Therefore they react. In whatever way. From pimples to turning punk. It's all the same. It's all pieces of the same cake.

We all knew the ease of life, before these strange, suspicious grown-ups came around and told us

  • how things are
  • what is right
  • what is wrong
  • what to do
  • what not
  • when to do it
  • when not
  • how to do it
  • how not
  • and
  • so
  • on

That's brainwash, my friends!

That's all mental ballast, which keeps us from being ourselves! It only separates us from our hearts, yearnings, desires, lovefrom our connection to everythingmomentumthe universe.

In time, after

Mentalum took over Momentum

some of these strange grown-ups want to give ›the unbelievable‹ a name to believe in, something to cling to. To find a way to grasp it, to lock the unlockable.

This already shows, how weird we have become.

Some of us started to name that everything, that pure, open, wide, universal life, which we experienced before:


Some call it love one love some call it destiny‹, karma, energy, some name it the force (which is with us, because it is within us) while others stick to terms likelife oruniverse.

It's all the same.

Different words/names/concepts for one (!) and the same (!) big (!) thing.

Selah Sue just came up with the idea to call it


Wise one!

From the level of despair in her voice, i would assume, that she sings about walking the thin line, that separates sanity from madness. Maybe it is all the fear of not knowing, what will happen nextand how.

Correct me, if i'm wrong!

Once you reached that point and didn't run away the one entity with the many names starts to speak to and threw you. From that time on you don't know anymoreis the Matrix insaneor is it you?

Clarity will come.

Back to the name issue:

Maybe the final and at least from Käptn Peng's and my point of view best name for that god-thing is:


That's so nicely neutral. ›Itcan't kill anybody :) Oh! Wait! It does all the timeHmmmhowever

At least the term ›itcontains all of the above trials to name that entity. And – who knows – maybe it's still all a hologram onboard a starship – and we still think, that we – or anything we dois of any importance to its universal flow

There are many grown-ups around.

Therefore, there are many ›gods‹ around as well. And many grown-ups say, that their god would be ›the right god‹, ›the true god‹, ›the one and only god‹, and if you would believe in another god, you would have to go to hell, die unlucky, sin and suffer eternally, and so on.

Sorry guys, thats so ungodslike.

                                 /// dewillish!

That's brainwash.

You know what?

You are, what you are looking for.

You are god!

Somewhere deep inside of you, you might still be able to hear its calling.

The french-based a cappella ensemble Ommm (i bet, they are esoteric pillow-sitters!) know about that! They even named their album: ›Just Listen‹.




You already were god, when you were a child, because we – i am sure your believe-system agrees:

We are children of god™.

Jesus said it himself in one of his most important speeches, his sermon on the mount:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. And you become a peacemaker as soon as you take care of finding your own peace. Because then you make peace with yourself. The rest is secondary.


In other words:

If god is (and reigns in) everything, than we must be (!) god as well, because we are part of everything!


Science says, that we are genetically to about 90% our parents, and only about 10% ›ourselves‹! That makes you sad? Forget it!

That's super-cool!

If that so called god is supposed to be our father


You think, i am crazy? Just skip your possibly still too restricted way of thinking, and:













— short break —













»So sind wohl manche Sachen
die wir getrost belachen
weil unsre Augen sie nicht sehn.«
Matthias ClaudiusAbendlied‹ —



Daniel Odier – ja ja, also one of these freaky, esoteric, spiritual guys, who spend all their lifes sitting on pillows, doing nothingonce said, that the way, we live our lifes, is comparable to be living in an amazingly big and beautiful apartment – and we spend all the time – only – in the kitchen.

Beautifully and wisely said!

This means, that we never even come close (!) to livingroom, bedroom or bathroom.

Can you imagine?

Guys! We miss all the party!

We are all the time busy with pans and knives!

Digest that !

Jesus was a carpenter !

Before he decided to quit his job & the entire system connected to it. He started to walk around, to live a simple lifea life inside the realm where itjust happens‹ … all by itself.

That's called the ease of living.

Jesus was an anarchist !

He ignored every rule, if he felt (!) like it. He – for instance – healed people on a sunday!

Blasphemy !

What an insult to god's rules !

That's why we – ordinary people – sentenced him to death! Ordinary people nailed him to the cross. Ordinary people stoned him on his way up to Golgota. Just like we used to stone all the other people, who were sentenced to death by crucifixion.

These crucifixions were amazingly big and popular public events!

Do you see parallels between what happend outside of Jerusalem back then and Germany in the 1930s and -40s?

Sorry guys. We didn't change since Jesus' times.

Jesus™, das Kinndt, didn't obey.

Therefore he – yt – had to die.

Jesus didn't follow ›god's rules‹ strictly enough! He was not Nazi enough! He was far too human for the strict academic system of people like

Nothing changed.

Jesus was a factor of disturbance, that needed to be eradicated – just like Martin Luther King, JFK, Malcom X, etc. pp.

And now church literally (!) says, that Jesus died on cross for us.


Christian Nowatzky – friend of mine – and pastor of a protestant church – literally uses these words in his sermons: »der für uns am Kreuz gestorben ist«.

To me, this always felt (!) strange – super-strange – to not say ›wrong‹. At least super-hard / impossible to accept … to me it felt like – sorry Christian, Kosta, Doo-Kyoung:


Back to god's rules.

God's rules?

Sorry, guys!

Life happens.

By itself.

No rules needed.

If you don't believe it:

Take some days years off!

Turn your cellphones and tablets off and leave them at home. Go out of your concrete houses and watch some plants grow. Observe! Or watch some pigeons for longer than a minute.

Study them!

What do they do? How do they do it?

Then go, Baby, go!

Copy it!

Face the embarrassment!

Stand it, my friend – going nuts is part of the game! – and life – or call it god, if it helps youwill reveal its truth, beauty and ease to you in a minute.

If it takes longer:



Who am i, to tell you?

Sorry – not sorry – there is many of us.

What is the message of »Interstellar«?

Which were the four letters, the daughter wrote – pen on paper – before father left off for his mission?

What does this mean?

What are Björk's lyrics in »It's in our Hands«?
















— this is such a good spott – to take a break —
















Back to the story:

One day – guess what! – i fell in love.

Attention guys: love = key, remember?

This love turned into an obsession – which is maybe not so cool. The cool thing (for me) was, that she played almost every day on the streets, so that i could see and listen to her kind of daily – even if we never really spoke.

She played music – honest music – from and with her heart.

That blew me away.

Where i come from, emotions and honesty are rare goods. What one can clearly see over there, are pretentions, masks and manipulation.


Does that have something to do with honey?

I returned to Warschauer Straße every day, to listen to her, to know her a 180%, to learn everything she could teach me about openness, presence, feelings, ease and positivity. Everything my parents and teachers somehow seemed to have failed at.

So i turned into someone/something between friend/fellow/fan/groupie/stalker. That entire journey of mine happily and heavily wandered deeply down into the realm of



Alice said – no wonder – that she felt uncomfortable around me. Who wouldn't, if i feel uncomfortable myself?

Whoever made that transformation, from thinking with one's mind to thinking with the heart, knows, whåt conflict i'm talking about. Who didn't, doesn't.

Alice told me to give her room.


What to do? The realm i was wandering in those days, was room itself.


If you remember, ever beeing present, you might know, what i'm talking about. If you don't, you don't.

I wrote Alice a loveletter – a facebook message – and wrote her, that room would not exist. I continued, that, if she wouldn't understand that now, she should give it time (which wouldn't exist either).


To make my point clear, i wanted to attachroom‹ to that mail. Easy to understand, easy to use. Its size should be A4, so that she – if wished – could easily print it out on any common printer.

In the process of drawing and thinking about how to visualize room, thoughts and lines wandered from cubes, open cubes and scales to – finally – room itself.

The full room:

Empty room.

Bähm. There it was. The blank page. Untouched.

Every line, every scale, everything i wanted to add beforehand, had just been a crutch. So i sent her a blank file – a jpg – 21,0 x 29,7 cm – and wrote in addition:

It has no scale for there is no scale.

Later i realized, that this had been my masterpiece already. It contained everything – and nothing – at the same time. The universal truth nailed down into a blank file.

Therefore i named it »alles. nichts. und«.

Here it is.