The Liberation Of The Energy Level

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The Magic Of Life, Pt. 1x4-12p

One night, on my way home, i had to stop at The Stage of Warschauer Bridge.

Beats and vocals caught my attention:

Mazter Fly & Infidelix

Mazter Fly was – like always – triggering the grooviest, heaviest beats out of his equipment – Infidelix was shooting and shouting out his breathtaking millions of words a sec – like he usually does – like a mental machine gun.

He wore his wooly hat deep down in his face that night – as if it was the darkest winter – in the middle of spring. He was rapping high-speed with hat, hooden sweater and backpack on his back.

Somehow his dress looked totally inappropriate to this calm and comparibly warm spring night. But yeah, maybe that's that rap-thing again: soft guys trying to look hard, strong, invulnerable and super cool. Somehow trying to hide their personality and hurt hearts behind an outfit that doesn't really fit the inner … maybe he only had a rough day or was new here – no idea – just wildly guessing…

However – grooves and beats adapted and merged into amazing street-tracks at once. It was an inmprovised collaboration and appeared like super-produced studio-tracks.

I stayed.

Infidelix' raps are so fast, that i had to put all my concentration buttons on on and turn the attention level up to a 100% to somehow catch this immense intense amount of words and simultaneously translate it (Extra-Aufwand!), to get, what what he was talking about.

After some songs – sorry – tracks – one women, who was groovily moving along to beats and rhymes, loudly interfered and shout out loud toward Infidelix:

»Where are you from


he replied.

Seconds later it happend – new lyrics came up:

I'm a loooong waaaaay from hoooooomelooooooong waaaaaay from hoooooooome

With each and every of these extended vowels it happend: the energy-level sank – drowned. Gradually, barely noticable, step by step, down, down, further down to a deep, dark and depressed level that felt like zero.

looooong waaaaaay from hooooooome

Oh noi thought. Don't want that! Not now! I've been depressed long enough. I am tired of that!

My mind started running:

What to do, what to do?

Home, home, homemy mind thought … ›i have to do something with that home-thing.‹

Looked for, found a solution – and shouted out loud, sharp and clear:

No you're not!

You are here!

You are riiiiiiight heeeeeeeere!


As if someone turned the light button back on, the entire scenery shaked as if it got struck by some electricity and they were all back. In life. Present. In the here and now.

Infidelix continued and the following words popped up:

yeahthis is the creative vibethis is the creative vibe

Okay, i thought, if this is the creative vibe, then i am the creative viper!